Grandpa Joe still does. And if you have a grandpa by any other name, maybe he does too. Grannies and grandmas always wear their slippers around the house. Your momma probably still does too. The thing is, it’s comfortable, and it keeps your feet warm. Slippers are also practical to wear. They’re loose fitting, and you only wear them inside of the house. It’s a great way to keep your floors clean and tidy, always free from dust and dirt.

When you get home, you wipe your feet at the front door. And then you take off your shoes and socks. The shoes are given an airing somewhere around the porch area, and the socks, well, they go straight into the wash.

And after you’ve given your feet a good airing or bath, you dry your feet off and then you slip on your chair slippers and settle into your favorite chair and read the evening news. Or turn on the tellie and watch it then and there then.

chair slippers

Now, just because they’re chair slippers, doesn’t mean that you can now put your feet onto the chair or on the coffee table in front of you. It may not get your furniture all dirty and scratched, but it’s still a dirty habit. And yes, it’s always so tempting to take off your slippers and then just curl your feet under your rump and sit, oh, so comfortably like so, and with just your warm mountain socks on your feet.

It might be very comfortable but it’s still no good for your feet. What a way to put more veins on your feet and legs. And no, they definitely don’t make footwear for walking on tables and chairs. What on earth were you thinking?!