Careers That Allow You to Carry Concealed

Law enforcement is a career field that certainly allows employees to use weapons. In fact, it’s all a part of a day’s work. But, many other professions also award the chance to bring your weapon to worry with you, carrying it concealed. In the world we live today, many people feel far more secure and confident when their weapon is within reach.

concealed weapons holster

Many careers allow their employees to bring in their weapon to work with them. Should you plan to carry a weapon to work, be sure that it doesn’t go against the company’s policy or any state ordinances. Also ensure that the weapon is secure inside of a quality concealed weapons holster. A few such careers that will conceal carry include:

·    Airline Pilots: The Federal Flight Deck Officer Program was initiated after the September 11, 2001, attacks that allow airline pilots to carry concealed weapons on board airplanes. Pilots must complete this program to carry a weapon, which includes special concealed carry training.

·    Armored Car Drivers: Armored car drivers may also bring a weapon on duty to protect the company’s assets. These car drivers usually carry around millions of dollars inside their trucks as they delivery and transport money to and from banks and other institutions.  Luckily, the weapon likely won’t be needed, since only a couple dozen armored car robberies occur every year.

·    Private Security Guard: Many companies use security to protect their businesses. Armed and unarmed security guards can provide service. Companies that operate banks, bars/nightclubs, jewelry stores, etc. tend to prefer the protection that armed security brings. And as such, armed private security is available.

Many careers aside from law enforcement allow employees to carry guns, if they are concealed. This includes the occupations listed above and many others. Consider a career field that allows concealed carry if you crave the extra protection or job rewards.