Summer is just around the corner, and like many of us, you are probably scrambling to get in shape to look picture-perfect for your beach or poolside vacation. But where to begin? Diving head first into the gym may not get you the results you want if you don’t know how to properly plan a workout, diet, and your overall fitness goals. This is where a trained and experienced fitness coach would be able to help you create and stick to a fitness routine tailored perfectly for your current body and your future goals.

For beginners, cycling is a great option! If you’re interested in cycling classes, keep reading below and inquire at cycling classes dearborn heights for more information. Not only is cycling a fantastic way to incorporate heart-healthy cardio exercises into your routine, but it’s highly adaptable and can benefit a wide range of gym-goers regardless of age, sex, and fitness level. In fact, you don’t even need to know how to ride a conventional bicycle to do cycling!

Today, cycling has evolved from the clunky, boring stationary bike to more technologically advanced bikes, and fitness coaches have even developed choreography and various routines that place the stationary bike at the center of the workout. This makes working out fun and refreshing, and keeps your heart rate pumping while being able to sit, which is particularly beneficial for those who are looking for lower-impact forms of cardio.

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If you’re already a seasoned gym-goer, you may think that cycling classes are “too easy”, but don’t be fooled! Cycling can burn as much calories as running on a treadmill, and if choreography is added, that’s additional calories burned along with activation of upper body muscles. If you’ve hit a plateau on your fitness journey, signing up for a cycling class may be the perfect pick-me-up along with your weights routine and diet. So, you’ve got nothing to lose- except the weight!