With the advent of ultra-portable, high-definition smartphones and digital cameras, it seems as if fine art portraiture has become more and more rare nowadays. Despite popularity and accessibility of digital and film photography, hand-drawn and painted portraits are still highly prized and appreciated by all. Painted portraits give off an air of impressiveness and convey a deeper sense of the subject’s personality through the artist’s deliberate strokes and choice of color palette. For those that are interested in custom oil paintings, professional artists are open for commissions.

In addition to oil-painted portraiture, other bodies of work such as landscape scenes, still-lives, and various, customized drawings are available for commission and purchase. You may ask yourself why you should commission a local artist? Supporting your local artists is imperative to sustain not only their livelihood, but also to promote and enrich our overall culture. Every work of art an artist creates and sells serves to further improve their skills and tools, as well as creates a demand for their work. In addition, great artists give back to their communities by sharing their talents and teaching budding artists, which serves as an excellent creative outlet for at-risk youth.

custom oil paintings

In this way, buying art improves everyone’s lives. That portrait you had commissioned as a gift for a significant other would not only show your sincerity to them, but as a consequence, give the artist more credibility and means to create more great art. Quality artwork brings attention to the subject and adds personality to an otherwise lifeless wall. Custom artwork can be passed down from generation to generation, and can even be resold at decent prices if ever need be. Bottom line is that no photo shot with a camera can ever evoke the same feeling and emotion that a personalized, traditional painting can.